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Michael Barreiro

What I Do

I create somthing from nothing! As a developer/programmer, I enjoy the proceess of development to create a work of art, features, functions, middle ware! From websites to software. Always looking to stay on the cutting edge of tecnologies.


Who I Am

A Star Wars fan, Paintball player, Comic nerd, PC gamer, History buff. But above all that I'm a developer! It's what I do every day!


My Work

In my spare time when im not working on software, I like to work on some ideas I like to have fun with. please help yourself and take a peak! This sections is always a work in progress, so come back for more in the future!

Learn the back story of each Project!

This MVC application utilizes MongoDB's wonderful database tools to store the user data. Practicing one-to-many datasets with both embeded, and refrenceds documents (tables). Whilst using a NODE server for the middle ware and a pure javascript front end, NO framework was used. This is because I wanted to fine a way to showcase my javascript expertice without having the convience of the front-end frameworks I enjoy; likeAngular,Vue, or React. Although this project is not only about showcasing Front-End Development, Backend Develpment, Subtle Design for a decent DB layout, or even Mongo Database Managment. Its about executing business logic provided from a "client" scenario. In this project, I was given documentation on how the data schema is supposed to be layed out, whats desired, and whats expected. This demo application was a result of that.

Axis and Allies is actually a board game. But this app is not meant to be the board game itself, its meant to enhance it. AAA, is a board game I play with my friends alot. I decided to make this app for Myself, My friends and any one who plays the board game around the world. It makes the hassling experience of tracking money, territories, and in general makes a better experience for not remembering all the rules; ..it does it all for you! This app in theory is simple, but utilizing area mapping for territory selection, and logic of managment, is a challenge in of itself. With a very intuative UX and a Modern slick UI, this app is not only very easy to use, But a lot of fun. it really does complete the board games experience!

ZIllA is a side scrolling Video Game built with the Phaser Engine. Utlizing Physics, Particle Effects and a way to access Sprite sheets and their animations. Phaser is Perfect for 2d Video games. In this game, you play Godzilla in an alternate timeline to defeat the clone army of of King Ghidorah in the stratasphere of Earth.

Using pure React along with Node for the backend is of course a wonderful mix. This simple store ecommerce website Utilizes, filtering, Sorting, and Pagination;Which is also all done purley from React.

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